A Bomb Review: Chaya Ruby Skate Package

Gear Review: Chaya Ruby

Roller Derby Skate Shop just started carrying the Chaya Ruby Skate package and here is my just out of the box first impressions!

First Impressions

I'll admit it, I'm a little enamored with this skate package. The combination of a low cut boot and reactive plate feels like much more than an entry level skate package. However, it is an introductory skate package and as such, affordability dictates quality.

The boot is made from synthetic materials (aka vegan friendly). It's a low profile cut with lots of padding–great for beginners and recreational skaters. 



The plate balances the affordability of nylon with improved clamping power through an aluminum facet that uses an allen wrench. It's a 20* plate which means it is more maneuverable with less adjusting. I'll be interested to see how this holds up through intensive skating but I predict that it will be good.

I am impressed with the toe stop. Lowering or replacing the toe stop is often my first recommendation on an entry level package; but not with the Chaya Ruby. Not only is it in a great position out of the box but it is also a high quality toe stop with plenty of surface area for stability and grip.




  • Chaya Ruby Boot
  • Chaya Shari Plate
  • 92A durometer Octo Wheels
  • Chaya Controller Toe Stop

All for the price of $149.

Is it for you?

It's a competitive package with a unique feel. I highly recommend coming in to try it out. The Chaya Ruby Skate package would be great for playing roller derby, rolling at the rink, or hitting the trails.

If are coming from hockey or figure skating this will give you out of the box edge control. If you are interested in a minimalist feel then the low profile might be perfect for you. 

Quick Recap:

  • Low profile boot
  • Reactive
  • Allen wrench style toe shop
  • Nice toe stop

Alternatives in the Same Price Range

Roller Derby Skate Shop carries lots of skate packages for beginners. Here are 3 others that might catch your interest:

The Classic Riedell R3: One of our most popular packages is the R3 because it's simple, reliable, and affordable. This skate package comes with a tool & toe caps which is a nice touch. The base price is $149 or for $169 you get higher quality wheels & bearings.

The Stable Jackson Rave: If you're looking for out of the box stability try this package. The boot has a higher ankle and the plate starts out pretty tight. This means it won't have extra wobble but it might require more adjusting to find that sweet spot between maneuverability and stability. The price for the Jackson Rave Package is $149.95.

The Quality Sure Grip Rebel: The starting price of the Sure Grip Rebel package is a bit higher at $179 but that price comes with leather outers, the only package in this price range that offers that in a boot. Another great thing is that the upgraded Rebel Avanti package offers an aluminum plate for $200.

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