Bearing Check: Ollie's Skate Set-Up

Ollie learned to skate in 2014. Known as Killer Tofu on the derby track, they've gone through many different skates over the years. 

Like many folk, they started with the classic Riedell R3 starter package. Here's what they are rolling on now:

Killertofu Deb Carlson Jet CityBoot: Custom Mota Mojo Carbon

"I like the arch support and how wide the toe box is. I like how supportive the boot is, the perfect balance of solid and agile."

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Plate: Mota BOSS Plate

"The Mota plate is so reactive! I can plow like none other and change direction on a dime to catch a jammer."

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Wheels: Mota Wheels

"They are grippy yet speedy. I'm hard on my gear so these chunk a little easier then I'm used to. I wish they were more durable because I'd keep them for forever."

Toe Stops: Mota Monster Toe Stops

"I play the kickstand position often so I use my toe stops a lot. These hold up and they really don't leave a mark on the floor!"

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Mota Carbon Mojo Custom Buy Sale

Ollie loves this skate set up. "Seriously, I can't believe I've had this set up for as long as I've had." Having confidence in your gear is essential, it's why Roller Derby Skate Shop exists. Come on in to the shop and try on boots, talk plates, or grab a set of toe stops.

Thank you, Debra Carlson Photography for kindly letting use your photo above. Check her work out.

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